Show Notes

From BuzzFeed Quizzes to the national census, it’s impossible to get through life without encountering surveys. However, not all surveys are created equal. As with everything else in data science, garbage going in will inevitably lead to garbage coming out.

In this episode, Kyle Block joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to look at practical techniques for designing surveys to ensure they deliver value, as well as approaches to analysing survey results, to maximise that value.

Guest Bio

Kyle Block is Head of Research at Gradient, an analytics agency that combines advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to answer difficult marketing challenges. He holds a Masters in Spatial Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania and has spent his career helping managers use data to make important decisions.

Talking Points

  • What good survey design looks like.
  • Advice on how to design effective surveys.
  • How list experiments can be used to uncover true opinions around sensitive topics.
  • How data science techniques can be applied to survey data analysis to maximise its value.
  • What the future might hold for survey data analysis.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 38 - The Art and Science of Survey Design