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Data is now considered by many to be more valuable than oil.  Genevieve Hayes Consulting can help you get the most from your data in the following ways.

Advanced Analytics and Statistics

Gain insight into your business through advanced statistics and analytical techniques.

AI and Machine Learning

Cloud-based AI and machine learning solutions to a range of business problems.

Survey and Psychometric Assessment Design

Develop and interpret statistically robust and valid surveys and psychometric assessments.

Data and Analytics Strategy and Capability Growth

Build your own in-house data science and analytics team or grow the capabilities of your existing team.

Assessment and Screening of Data Professionals

Sort the experts from the imposters and find the right candidates for your key data roles.

Mentoring and Training for Boards and Executives

Understand how emerging technologies can add value to your business.

Coaching for Data Professionals

Get the most from your data team and help them take their technical and non-technical skills to the next level.

Data that sit unused are no different from data that were never collected in the first place.

About Dr Genevieve Hayes

AI and analytics are about so much more than just fitting statistical models. They are about finding solutions to real world problems.

With a PhD in Statistics and a Masters in Computer Science, Dr Genevieve Hayes understands the theory behind AI and analytics, but she also understands what it takes to apply that theory to the business world.