Show Notes

Start-ups and data science go hand in hand, but usually when people think about how data science can help start-ups, it’s with regard to product development and enhancement. However, it doesn’t matter how great a start-up’s product is, if the financials are a mess, the business is going to struggle.

This is where data science can also help start-ups, in the form of financial modelling and analysis.

In this episode, Lauren Pearl joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss her work in helping start-up founders translate their business ideas into maths via financial models.

Guest Bio

Lauren Pearl is a CEO-turned-CFO who helps start-up founders work better with financial data. She holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and is the resident start-up finance expert at NYU’s Berkley Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Talking Points

  • What is meant by financial modelling?
  • The challenges of building financial models with little or no data.
  • Why is it important for founders to understand their financials.
  • The potential consequences of not understanding financial data.
  • How founders can use data and technology more generally to help in running their business.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 34: Financial Modelling for Start-Up Founders