Show Notes

The insurance sector owes its existence to data and insurers were some of the first companies to utilise data expertise. Yet, being an early adopter isn’t always as great as it seems. And many big insurers are now discovering the challenges of bringing their long-established data systems into the 21st century.

In this episode, Maria Ferrés joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss the complexities of creating order from data chaos in the insurance industry.

Guest Bio

Maria Ferrés is an actuary with extensive experience throughout Europe and Australia, who now specialises in establishing the enterprise data functions of multinational insurers. She is currently the Enterprise Data Officer at trade credit insurer Atradius and she also advises companies within the insurtech space on the use of data to comply with Data Protection laws.

Talking Points

  • The ideal state of an insurer’s enterprise data capabilities.
  • How to transform insurers’ data capabilities from their present, often chaotic state, to this ideal.
  • The challenges in transforming insurers’ data capabilities.
  • Where data scientists fit into the transformation process.
  • How to overcome resistance encountered while transforming the data capabilities of an organisation.
  • The impact of the GDPR on enterprise data capabilities and on the work of people using insurance data, including data scientists and Insurtechs.


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Episode 29: Creating Order From Data Chaos