Show Notes

Despite its conservative reputation, the financial services industry has always been a big adopter of cutting-edge technologies. Dating back more than a century, it’s also been one of the biggest employers of people with technology and data-related skills. But what does the future hold for the use of tech in the financial services industry?

In this episode, Ben Shapira joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss what this future might look like and how technology is being used right now to improve the lives of consumers.

Guest Bio

Ben Shapira is a digital strategist and UX specialist turned tech entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Product Officer of Australian fintech start-up Dinero, as well as being a lecturer in the Master of Media and Communication program at Swinburne University.

Talking Points

  • Where the financial services industry is heading, regarding the use of technology and how this will affect the lives of consumers.
  • The types of data modelling and analysis that are possible because of the data produced by these new technologies.
  • What is Dineiro and how data informed its creation.
  • The impact of data security considerations on financial services organisations’ ability to adopt new technologies and make use of the data they produce.
  • Advice for data scientists looking to build a career in marketing and advertising.
  • How marketing techniques can be applied to data science to make data scientists more effective, regardless of their industry.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 27: The Future of Technology in Financial Services