Show Notes

Data science is only useful if it can create value. And one way that value can be created is by using data to influence decision-making. Yet, to influence decisions, data scientists need to effectively communicate the outcomes of their work – which is something many struggle with. This is because effective data science communication is about more than just rattling off statistics and expecting your end users to piece them together.

In this episode, Dr Selena Fisk joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss how data scientists can improve their communication by using those numbers to tell a story.

Guest Bio

Dr Selena Fisk is a data storyteller and researcher, with a background in education, who now works with the corporate sector to develop data-informed strategies. She is also the author of a number of books, including I’m Not a Numbers Person: How to Make Good Decisions in a Data-Rich World and Data-Informed Learners: Engaging Students in their Data Story.

Talking Points

  • What is data storytelling and how does it differ from data visualisation?
  • How can data scientists make use of storytelling techniques to maximise the impact of their work?
  • The difference between being data-informed and data-driven, and what that means for schools and businesses.
  • How data is being used in schools to inform learning and improve educational outcomes.
  • How educators can involve students in the data conversation, and what data scientists can learn from this when it comes to engaging business stakeholders in their work.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 26: Data Storytelling and Data-Informed Education