Show Notes

We all want to live long, happy and healthy lives, and in the age of technology, it comes as little surprise that people are turning to data for help.

Between smart watches, Oura rings and even just fitness apps like Strava, we’re all generating massive quantities of personal health and fitness data each day, sometimes literally in our sleep. But that data is only valuable if it can be converted into useful insights.

In this episode of Value Driven Data Science, Dr Torri Callan joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss how health tech start-ups, such as UAre, are now looking to do just that.

This is the third part of a three-part special focussing on the use of data science in start-ups.

Guest Bio

Dr Torri Callan is the Data Scientist at Australian health tech start-up UAre, as well as working as a data scientist with fintech start-up Spriggy. He has spent the past 5 years setting up AI and automated risk management for leading finance companies in Australia.

Talking Points

  • How UAre is using data science to encourage people to exercise more and improve their lives.
  • The challenges of combining data from multiple sources.
  • How to go about building a data product from absolutely nothing.
  • The importance of domain knowledge and research when building a health tech app.
  • What are Bayesian methods and how can they raise the level of rigour of statistical analysis?


Value Driven Data Science
Value Driven Data Science
Episode 20: Using Data Science to Live Better for Longer