Show Notes

Once upon a time, data scientists needed to develop programming skills to rival those of software engineers, and this limited the ability of people without such skills to make use of AI. But recently, this has changed, with the huge number of no-code and low-code tools entering the market.

In this episode, I’m joined by Geo George to discuss how start-ups are leading the way in leveraging such tools, and in the process, helping to make AI and data science available to all.

This is the second part of a three-part special focussing on the use of data science in start-ups.

Guest Bio

Geo George is a director and co-founder of Mayfly Accelerator, a company that helps founders build, grow and scale disruptive start-ups. He is also a start-up founder in his own right and has experience as an executive in the Government sector, with a focus on strategy and risk management.

Talking Points

  •  How are start-ups facilitating the democratisation of AI and data science.
  • The consequences of this democratisation for current and aspiring data scientists.
  • How no code and low code AI and data science tools can be used to develop AI-driven products.
  • The impact of ChatGPT on start-ups, businesses and education in general.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 19: The Democratisation of AI and Data Science