Show Notes

“Data science unicorns” are those rare people who “understand the (data) problem they seek to resolve, have the mathematical expertise to analyse the problem and possess the computing skills to covert this knowledge into outcomes.” In fact, they are considered so rare that some people have suggested they don’t really exist. Yet, although nobody is born a data science unicorn, organisations with the right know-how can create them.

In this episode, Dr Peter Prevos joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss his work in creating data science unicorns from water industry subject matter experts around the world.

Guest Bio

Dr Peter Prevos is a civil engineer, social scientist (and amateur magician) who manages the data science function at Coliban Water in regional Australia and runs courses in data science for water professionals. He is also the author of a number of books including Principles of Strategic Data Science and the recently released Data Science for Water Utilities.

Talking Points

  • Why Linux is the best operating system for data science.
  • How the social sciences can make you a better data scientist.
  • Creating data science unicorns in the water industry.
  • The similarities and differences between data science in the water industry and in other industries.
  • What data scientists can learn from the world of theatrical magic.


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Value Driven Data Science
Episode 13: Breeding Data Science Unicorns