Episode 11: Better Workplace Conversations for Data Scientists

Episode 11: Better Workplace Conversations for Data Scientists

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Show Notes

Data scientists are constantly being told of the importance of effective communication for their career success. But this advice typically translates to being able to communicate effectively the results of their work. One aspect of communication that is often overlooked is conversational communication.

In this episode, Julia Lessing joins Dr Genevieve Hayes to discuss the skills and techniques data scientists can combine to make their workplace conversations a lot easier.

Guest Bio

Julia Lessing is the principal actuary and Director of Guardian Actuarial, which specialises in helping clients use data to solve complex people-oriented problems, and runs the Guardian Actuarial Leadership Program and the Easier Conversations course. She is also the host of the We Are Actuaries podcast and has trained and served as a Lifeline phone counsellor.

Talking Points

  • The importance of effective conversations in the workplace.
  • Common stumbling blocks for technical people, when it comes to effective communication.
  • The potential consequences of poor workplace conversations and the benefits of good conversations.
  • The key skills involved in conducting an effective conversation.
  • How you go about preparing for important conversations
  • Conducting effective conversations within large groups and how to make meeting communications more effective.


Value Driven Data Science
Value Driven Data Science
Episode 11: Better Workplace Conversations for Data Scientists